Dry July – The Tea Version of your Favourite Tipple

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Are you planning to go Dry this July? If you’ve not heard of it before, July is the month that loads of people choose to go alcohol free and help raise money for people affected by cancer. If you live in the northern hemisphere you’re absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to mocktails, refreshing spritzers, sodas and soft drinks. But for those of us in the more southern climes, in the depths of darkest winter, something a little more warming is required when we can’t turn to a drop of whiskey, Hot Toddy or mulled wine!

This is where tea (once again!) comes to the rescue. If you thought you had to miss out on the tang of Sambucca, the bite of a vodka martini or the smoothness of a gin cocktail, think again! We’ve got you covered…

Sambucca Switch!

If your usual late-night round is a tray of Sambucca to get the party started before the midnight shot curfew, you may be missing the sharp flavour of aniseed during July. As an alternative you can try one of our Anise based teas – they are packed with that licorice taste (and won’t have you falling over after a few too many).

Did you know that aniseed in tea (such as Licorice, Star Anise, and Anise Myrtle) have been used for thousands of years as a digestive tea. Aniseed tea will see your stomach settled, and your food happily digesting, as opposed to Sambucca which quite often has the opposite effect! Aniseed tea has also been known to improve cold and flu symptoms and even alleviate nausea (again – quite the opposite of it’s alcoholic counterpart!)

You can find Anise Myrtle in our Devil Belly blend, or if you’re after a real aniseed hit try our Digestion blend which contains aniseed, licorice root, Star Anise and more.

Give up the Gin

It’s not known as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ for nothing, and if your favourite Friday night activity is sipping on a gin cocktail and sobbing at cute Facebook videos, we’ve got just the remedy! Did you know that the essential ingredient in gin, and also the origin of its name, is the juniper berry – which can also of course be enjoyed in tea! Our Detox blend contains juniper berries as well as other healthy herbs to help you cleanse your system while on a break from the booze.

Fun fact – according to Wikipedia, the humble juniper berry was once used as a method of birth control in traditional medicine. Its use in Gin has probably had the opposite effect on more than one occasion.

Longing for a Liquor?

If apple Schnapps is you’re favourite then why not try a Turkish apple tea? We promise it tastes much better than it’s alcoholic cousin, and will leave you hydrated not hungover! Why not try some apple tea blended with a Tasmanian grown green tea for an extra hit of healthy antioxidants.

Craving a Cocktail?

Then you’re in luck! If you add some beautiful Butterfly Pea to the pot you’ll be treated with a stunning, bright blue brew that’s full of health benefits. What’s really fun about this ‘tea cocktail’ is that if you add a splash of fresh lemon juice the brew will change to a vibrant purple colour. Who needs a Blue Lagoon?!

Yearn for a burn?

If your favourite drink comes straight up, on the rocks or in a martini then you may be harder to please. Floral, sweet or iced teas probably won’t hit the spot, but if you’re looking for a drink with a punch don’t look past Pepperberry. It’s a native Tasmanian herb and it comes with BITE! And a heck of a lot of health benefits you won’t be finding in whiskey or vodka.

“The berry inhibits the growth of many pathogenic bacteria, protozoa and also has some limited antiviral activity. It also has good anti-cancer activity against multiple cancer cell lines.”

From an SBS article on the Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry

You can find this wonder berry (which contains four times the antioxidants of a blueberry) in our Earl of Tasmania and Van Diemen Chai blends.

Cointreau calling?

Cointreau also gets its distinct taste from a natural fruit – delicious sweet orange peel, which gives tea an amazing flavour too! If you’re feeling a bit down about missing Friday night happy hour at your local, you can banish negativity with our Karma tea – full of uplifting herbs and energising sweet orange and lemon peel. You can also cheer yourself up by reminding yourself what an awesome effort you are making on behalf of people affected by cancer, and that you’re also doing yourself and your health a massive favour by ditching the drink for a while.

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Are you giving up alcohol this July? Let us know your favourite drink alternatives in the comments!

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