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A unique blend of herbs traditionally used to help allergies.


Allergies exist in many different forms, in fact you may be surprised just how many allergies there are, not counting being allergic to hard work! Allergies are caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to typically harmless substances in the environment. There’s food allergy, skin, dust, insect sting, pet, latex, pollen to name but a few! Whilst in most people these substances pose no problem, in allergic individuals their immune system identifies them as a’ threat’ and produces an inappropriate response. It’s at such times, when you feel those tell-tale symptoms, to reach for the kettle and brew yourself an allergy relieving cup of Airwaves which is full of herbs that are great for the respiratory system.

Nettle has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times and amongst its many other benefits, is viewed as a promising natural treatment for hay fever, an allergy that involves inflammation in the lining of your nose. Research shows that nettle extracts can inhibit inflammation that can trigger seasonal allergies which includes blocking histamine receptors and stopping immune cells from releasing chemicals that trigger allergy symptoms.

Elderflower has strong antioxidant properties, with a long history of use in medicine. Because it tastes so good, it’s easy to ignore its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, most commonly for colds and flu, sinus infections and other respiratory annoyance.

Licorice Due to the powerful and potent nature of the root, no more than 3 cups of this tea should be consumed each day, which should be more than enough to enjoy its many health benefits. Upper respiratory infections can be persistent and difficult to get over, but licorice can quickly soothe irritation, and give the immune system a boost to eliminate the underlying cause.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, the stimulating nature of licorice root tea can elevate your blood pressure to normal levels, providing a boost to your energy levels and preventing dizziness and fatigue. Conversely, if you suffer from high blood pressure, it is probably wise not to consume licorice tea every day. However, it is regularity and frequency that makes the difference and you should be able to enjoy the occasional cup safely.

Peppermint is a delightful and refreshing way to stay healthy and can help you boost your immune system and is a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits . Renowned for a myriad of benefits including: soothing an upset stomach, inhibiting feelings of nausea, combating bad breath, improving digestion, relieving a sore throat and even boosting your immune system. Because menthol is a muscle relaxant, peppermint helps open up airways, relieving congestion and alleviating severe nasal problems.

Blue Mallow Flowers like all mallows, relieves inflammation and has soothing qualities. Not only that, it is also magical as one of only three teas in the world that are naturally blue and change colour! Just add a squeeze of lemon to your cup and watch your blue mallow tea turn instantly from blue into a beautiful light pink.

As with most teas, tea with mint can have a few minor side effects. This tea should be avoided by people with allergies to its ingredients and sufferers of acid reflux. Pregnant women should monitor and limit their intake of tea with mint and should also avoid drinking the same when breastfeeding since peppermint oils can cause breathing problems in infants and children.

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