Breathe Easy


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A powerful herbal tea to help clear the airwaves.


As the Hollies once sang ‘ Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…’ which is obviously what we all need, however there are times when fulfilling that need can be a real effort! Don’t panic, inspiration is at hand! Just get the kettle on and brew yourself an airways-clearing cup of this aptly named herbal blend. ‘There’s nothing left to be desired

Eucalyptus – inhaling the vapours of Eucalyptus tea helps open up congested airways and relieve symptoms of the common cold or flu. Other benefits including relief from asthma and bronchitis have also been recorded.

Do NOT drink Eucalyptus Oil! You may stop breathing altogether!

Fennel – in the Middle Ages, on Midsummer’s Night, people hung fennel over doorways to protect the household from evil spirits! Nowadays it’s no longer used as a protective decoration, but for its many other medicinal benefits, one of which is clearing mucus from the airways.

Hyssop – vaguely reminiscent of mint, with many health-giving benefits, its anti-inflammatory properties are able to reduce pain and discomfort in the respiratory tracts.

Thyme – is a herb from the mint family and is fast gaining a reputation for its medicinal qualities. Often used as a natural cough remedy, it is packed with vitamin C and also a good source of vitamin A, so is perfect when you feel a cold coming on to help get you back in good health.

There are very very few side effects with herbal tea however women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should always talk to your medical practitioner before using herbal products during pregnancy or when nursing.

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