Devil Belly


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Tasmanian Anise Myrtle & Anise Hyssop, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Lemon Balm


If you’ve over-indulged and it feels like there’s a Tassie Devil in your belly trying to gnaw its way out, then this is the tea for you!

Tasmanian Anise Hyssop and Anise Myrtle, combined with sweet Orange Peel and Lemon Balm as a bonus should soon calm your Devil Belly and have you right as rain in no time!

Not only has Anise Myrtle been traditionally used to treat conditions such as anorexia and reflux and to help settle intestinal cramps, colic and flatulence, it has anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties as well as being a good source of magnesium, lutein, folate, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Organic Lemon Grass has long been a staple of Indian and traditional Asian medicine, adding a unique lemon flavour, and is known to improve circulation, promote digestion, provide relief to fever, stabilise menstrual cycles, increase immunity, and treat infections. It is frequently prescribed as a digestive aid since it works as a natural diuretic and may help lessen the symptoms of gastric upset including nausea and stomach pain.

The rich pectin, a natural soluble fibre found in Organic Sweet Orange Peel, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and even boost digestion. The high level of dietary fibre helps control bowel movements, which stops constipation.

Organic Lemon Balm is what’s known as a “carminative herb”, meaning it can relieve stagnant digestion, ease abdominal cramping, and have a profound impact on reducing gas, bloating and nausea whilst promoting the overall digestive process.


Tasmanian Anise Myrtle & Anise Hyssop, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Balm

Brewing Instructions

This caffeine-free herbal blend is best brewed with boiling water for up to 7 minutes according to personal taste. Use 1 teaspoon per cup

Handcrafted in Tasmania with local and imported ingredients.

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Sample Size 1-2 Serves, 30g – 30 Serves, 80g – 80 Serves