Tasmanian Organic Lemon Balm


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Organic lemon balm- hand-picked in northern Tasmania.


Tasmanian Lemon Balm, like many herbs, benefits from Tasmania’s unique climate which seems to stimulate many herb species to produce high levels of active constituents.

Lemon balm has been used by herbalists, and herbal healers for thousands of years and is equally popular today as it was during medieval times. It is considered as the best friend of the mind, bringing sweet dreams because it helps digestion therefore inducing a good night’s sleep.

In the 800s, Charlemagne ordered it to be planted in all the monastery gardens for both it’s beauty and fragrance because at the time it was used for promoting youth.

In the 1500s Paraclesus, was a Renaissance era physician, and alchemist who prepared a tonic drink using the lemon balm herb to renew youth, which was used well into the 18th century.

In the 1600s, Nicholas Culpeper stated “Lemon Balm causeth the mind and heart to become merry…” and he wasn’t wrong because Lemon balm has been used for centuries to help heal anxiety and stress.

Lemon balm is used by modern day herbalists in much the same way it was centuries ago, although maybe not so much for renewing youth! Lemon balm tea is very calming, and can be used for adults, as well as children. It has antidepressant properties to help eliminate mild depression and restore the nervous system and its antiviral action makes it a great tea to reach for during cold and flu season. Lemon balm promotes sweating, which can help bring down fevers during a cold. Not only that, it contains a natural antihistamine, to help dry up those annoying sinuses.

Lemon Balm is what’s known as a “carminative herb”, meaning it can relieve stagnant digestion, ease abdominal cramping, and have a profound impact on reducing gas, bloating and nausea whilst promoting the overall digestive process.

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