The Vegan Tea


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Power to plants! A herbal blend of digestive, healing and strengthening herbs.


This tea is 100% vegan-friendly. In fact all of our teas are 100% vegan-friendly so you can shop our whole site comfortable in the knowledge that no animals have been used, abused or exploited to create any of our blends. Even the team behind the Tea Equation are 100% vegan so we like to think of ourselves as Australia’s most vegan tea company. We’ve long known about the power of plants, and this blend is designed for our fellow veg-lovers.

Are you a new vegan struggling with digestive disruption in the first few months as your body adjusts to your new, gentler diet? Or maybe like me you just enjoy food too much and overeat at Every. Single. Meal. Either way we’ve got you  covered with a smorgasbord of healing, calming and digestive herbs. There’s even one in there heralded for longevity as us vegans need to stick around longer to do more good work.

Oh and in a big F%&K you to the vegan tax this one has more ingredients, is fully organic, is bigger but costs less than all our other teas (because we love you!) AND $1 from every sale will be donated directly to Big Ears Animal Sanctuary here in Tasmania.

If you’re not yet vegan or considering the switch, you can find out lots more info and support on the Vegan Australia website. Learn why we don’t add dairy to tea here.

The Vegan Tea

All ingredients are certified organic.

Meadowsweet – A cooling, digestive herb great for the stomach. It also is known as an anti-inflammatory and was the original pain reliever from where Aspirin was born.

Nettle – Nettle leaf is a fabulous cleansing tea great for the whole body. It is high in iron and other minerals, and helps the body flush out toxins.

Tasmanian Anise Myrtle and Aniseed – Anise has long been used to relieve digestive discomfort, for indigestion, nausea, gas and bloating.

Fennel – Delicious tasting fennel has traditionally been used for calming the digestive system and reducing gas.

Bilberries – A fruity addition, Bilberries have been heralded for their ability to improve circulation and as an anti-inflammatory.

Moringa Leaf – Known in Africa as ‘The Tree of Life’ Moringa leaf has incredible curative properties. It has been said to fight disease, nourish the body in increase longevity.

Tasmanian Chamomile – The ultimate calming herb for the whole system, local Chamomile flowers also add a round sweetness to this blend.

Caraway – Traditionally used for digestive issues such as heasrtburn, bloating, gas and stomach cramps.

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35g – 35 Serves, 85g – 85 Serves